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Telefónica Global Millennial Survey

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Millenial Survey Data

We would like to encourage developers to take advantage of the raw data driving the report content you're seeing on this web site. In order to support the broadest range of potential uses and applications, we've provided a raw data file in CSV (comma-separated value) format which can serve as a starting point for your own applications, visualizations, or presentations. Within the provided file, you'll see clear labeling of individual datasets and base data provided. To support the broadest range of applications, and provide the appropriate context, we haven't segmented this data file any further at this point.

Terms of Use

You are not to sell, redistribute, or republish the data publicly without direct written approval from Telefonica S.A. You may use the data for internal applications and business presentations freely, as long as proper attribution is provided whenever data is included (Source: Global Millennial Survey, Telefonica S.A.).

Download as comma-separated values (CSV)